The VT 300D is a powerful alphanumeric terminal, designed for digital and analog weighbridges, inventory control, and other demanding weighing applications.
The extended keyboard includes alphanumeric and functional keys for easy data entry and setup.
A 16-character dot-matrix LCD display supports the required user interface in complex industrial applications.
Using a weighing system that includes the VT300D together with Vishay digital load cells (DSC, SCC, SBC & MDBD) enables very easy installation, calibration, corner compensation, maintenance and diagnostics of the system.
VT 300D software manages various transactions allowing choices of customer, material type, or truck identification.
Records of all activities are maintained in memory and made available for computer reporting. Printable tickets and reports are easily formatted and edited.
The VT300D can support one digital load cells weighbridge and one analog load cell weighbridge at same time.
Enclosure selections include tilted,wall-mount, and desktop.


– Supports digital and analog load cells
– Easy calibration using the digital load cells
– Easy digital corner compensation
– Elaborated diagnostics of digital weighbridge load cells
– Easy service and maintenance
– Large, 16 character LCD display
– 27 key alphanumeric and functions keyboard
– Two serial ports with printing and networking
– Analog output for PLC interface (optional)
– Two opto-isolated weight setpoints
– Alibi (Flash) memory for transaction records
– Real time clock
– Stainless steel enclosure (IP65), aluminum enclosure (optional)
– Weighing and counting operating modes
– OIML R-76 approved to 10,000d
– Dual scale operation (one digital, one analog)
– 4 programmable ticket formats