Feature :

  • Dual side LED display
  • Platform stainless steel 304
  • Circuit anti moisture
  • Through the IP68 certificates with waterproof and dustproof
  • Rechargeable battery, the battery can be recharged repeatedly
  • full range taring, overload, underload display, failure alarm

Specification :

Capacity (Kg) 3-30
Model XY-WP
Resolution 0,1g/0,5g/1g/2g/5g
Accuracy Level III
Repeatability +2d
Linearity +3d
Stable Time < 0,5 Sec
Operating Temperature 17,5 ℃ ~ 22,5 ℃
Pan Size (mm) 190X235
Overall Dimensions(mm) 287*271*127
Net Weight 4kg
Gross Weight 4,5kg
Rechargeable Battery DC 6V / 5Ah


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