Floorscale T7


SONIC NI-7 weighing indicator can be used with 1 – 4 or digital loadcell. It has the function of accumulation and unit switch over and applies to small platform, weighbridge and farmer scale.

Technikal Parameter

  • Analog Input signal range -19mV ~ 19mV
    Nonlinearity 0.0015%Gain drift 0.03%Bridge voltage DC 5V
    Sensor connection 1-4 350Ω sensors
  • Indication
    Indication range -99999 ~ 999999 (decimal point is not considered)
    Scale interval 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional
  • Transmission distance ≤20m
    Operating environment Power supply AC220V; 50, 60Hz (-2% ~ +2%)
    Operating temperature -10°C ~ 40°C
    Storage and transport temperature -25 °C ~ 55 °C
    Relative humidity ≤85% RH
    Fuse 500mA
  • High Quality Allow Steel Construction

Feature :

  • Conversion speed More than 10 times/s
  • Serial communication interface
  • Signal RS232 signal


Platform Size Capacity Readability
1000 x 1000mm 500kg 0.2kg
1000 x 1000mm 1000kg 0.5kg
1200 x 1200mm 500kg 0.2kg
1200 x 1200mm 1000kg 0.5kg
1200 x 1200mm 2000kg 1kg
1200 x 1500mm 2000kg 1kg
1200 x 1500mm 3000kg 1kg
1500 x 1500mm 1000kg 0.5kg
1500 x 1500mm 2000kg 1kg
1500 x 1500mm 3000kg 1kg
1500 x 1500mm 5000kg 2kg
1500 x 2000mm 1000kg 0.5kg
1500 x 2000mm 2000kg 1kg
1500 x 2000mm 3000kg 1kg
1500 x 2000mm 5000kg 2kg
2000 x 2000mm 1000kg 0.5kg
2000 x 2000mm 2000kg 1kg
2000 x 2000mm 3000kg 1kg
2000 x 2000mm 5000kg 2kg
2000 x 3000mm 2000kg 1kg
2000 x 3000mm 3000kg 1kg
2000 x 3000mm 5000kg 2kg


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